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Monday, 30 June 2008


Comparing people, things....

1. For the following groups of words the comparative and superlative are formed by adding an -er or -est

a. monosyllabic words - words consisting of one syllable - short words:

e.g.: short - shorter - shortest

cheap - cheaper - cheapest

....mind the spelling!

fat - fatter - fattest

slim - slimmer - slimmest

late - later – latest (if the words ends in vowel and consonant -> consonant is doubled)

large - larger – largest (if an adjective ends in e ->the e gets lost

b. adjectives ending in -y:

e.g.: happy - happier - happiest

easy - easier - easiest

bei quiet, simple, narrow, shallow, clever ... both are possible

2. All other adjectives form their comparatives using more and most:

e.g.: interesting - more interesting - most interesting

beautiful - more beautiful - most beautiful

3. Irregular forms:

good - better - best

bad - worse - worst

many – more – most

much – more - most

4. How to make comparisons:

if they are of the same size, quality,...we use:

Johnny is as tall as Greg.

I'm as old as Rick.

if there is a difference between two: not, (=not, than.

Greg is not as old as Mary.

My sister is older than I am.

5. The superlative:

He's the tallest.

This is the fastest car we have

Source : Grammar Tutorial

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