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Saturday, 28 June 2008


1. Forms of "to be":

- I am tired.
==> I am not tired. (I'm not)
- You are happy. ==> You are not going to be late. (aren"t)

- We were happy. ==> We were not happy. (weren't)
- Tom was waiting. ==> Tom was not waiting. (wasn't)

2. Modals/conditionals:

- They will come. ==> They will not come. (won't come)
- Bob can read. ==> Bob cannot read. (can't read)
- We could help. ==> We could not help. (couldn't help)
- You may go now. ==> You may not go now.

3. Present simple:

- I love reading.==> I do not love reading. (don't)
- Sue drives a Mini. ==> Sue does not drive a Mini. (doesn't)
- He reads a lot. ==> He does not read a lot. (doesn't)
- They do their work. ==> They do not do their work. (don't)

4. Past simple:

- He lived on an island. ==>He did not live on an island. (didn't)
- I knew the answer. ==> I did not know the answer. (didn't)
- She did the washing-up. ==> She did not do the washing-up. (didn't)
- We had pasta for lunch. ==> We did not have pasta for lunch. (didn't)

5. Present perfect:

- He has finished eating. ==> He has not finished eating. (hasn't)
- They have called. ==> They have not called. (haven't)
- I have been waiting long. ==> I have not been waiting long. (haven't)
- They have received it. ==> They have not received it. (haven't)

6. Past perfect:

- They had closed. ==> They had not closed. (hadn't)
- It had begun. ==> It had not begun. (hadn't)
- He had been studying. ==> He had not been studying. (hadn't)
- We had worked. ==> We had not worked. (hadn't)

NOTE: have vs. have got:

I have a red car. ==> I don't have a red car.
I have got a red car. ==> I haven't got a red car.

He has a sister. ==> He doesn't have a sister.

He has got a sister. ==> He hasn't got a sister.

Source : Grammar Tutorial

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