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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Free English Learning Should Be Enjoyable

Many people think that if they register for free English learning they won get the same level of education in how to speak, read and write the language as they would if they had to pay tuition for the course. Nothing could be further from the truth because you become part of an extensive network of English language learners from all over the world. The courses are comprehensive offering you everything you need to know about the structures of the English language grammar. There are various levels of courses you can take depending on your existing knowledge. If you can already speak and write some English, such a free course will give you the opportunity to take a refresher course without costing you any money.

Just take a quick look at what is involved in a free online English course. An audio course is very important because it lets you listen to practical conversations that teach you the proper verb usage. In the instructions, the starter course begins with the use of subject pronouns. The lessons are sequentially arranged to move from simple to more difficult subjects. After learning about pronouns, you move on to asking questions and the use of negatives. Other topics in the starter course include the question words, contractions, prepositions of place, singular and plural nouns and object pronouns.

In the audio course, the topics for the passages and the comprehension questions start off with conversation starters, such as introductions. The topics also include how to ask for and give directions, telephone conversations, passages dealing with life on campus, how to do assignments and how to interact with study partners and classmates. All of the dialogues are written in American English, but some of the voices may be those of international speakers, which allows you to hear people from several different native languages reading in English.

When you first start learning English through an online course, you may not understand all of the instructions. For this reason there is a dictionary included that will translate the English words into your own language to ensure that you are able to comprehend the instruction and get the most out of it. Such a course is also beneficial if you are attending classes and need some extra practice or want to look ahead so that you will have some idea of the next topic the instructor introduces.

Along with taking the courses online and availing of all the resources the site offers, you should also try to read English books. This does not mean picking up full length novels to read when you are a beginning English learner. Many of the children books are great to help you learn the language and some of these come with audio cassettes and CD so that you can listen to them being read. You should log on to an English news station at least once a day to read some of the headlines and through watching English television with subtitles in your language, you can increases your proficiency in the language.

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