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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Benefits of Learning English through Online English Courses

The English language has become a global phenomenon. Since it is the predominant language of the world, it is becoming increasingly imperative to understand, speak, and communicate in English fluently. The impact that the English language has had around the world has reached beyond communication and now shapes the values, beliefs, and ideas of many social, economic, or political philosophies and programs.

It is estimated that approximately 100,000 students come to the United States every year to learn English. Although the reasons vary that people desire to learn the English language, it is clear that English provides a wealth of economic activities that may not otherwise be possible. Many younger people understand that English is required if they want to succeed in the workforce. This one factor can help them if they will be dealing with International clients or desire to get a better job in their native country. Other people simply enjoy the concept of learning a new language and experiencing a different culture. Taking an English course is one of the first steps to mastering the English language. The following paragraphs will outline the benefits of learning English and the culture through online classes.

Although many colleges and universities offer ESL (English as a Second Language), it often requires the individual to obtain a student visa, apply and attend the university as a full-time student, not receive credit for the ESL coursework, live in a country where the culture and language are not familiar to them, and incur substantial fees related to the courses and living expenses.

Unlike other ways that are available, learning English online allows students the opportunity to comprehend and learn to speak the language at their own pace. If there is a particular section that is difficult, the student will be able to review the information without feeling the pressure of an upcoming exam. On the other hand, if something comes very naturally to them they can progress to the next stages of learning the English language.

Online English courses allow the same benefits as quality, well-taught traditional classroom methods. However, the costs of online English classes are kept to a minimum as the student can remain in his/her own country until they feel comfortable conversing in English. This reduces costs associated with relocating to another country and additional living expenses. Additionally, online English courses enable the student to continue with their daily lives (i.e. work, school, family, and social activities).

The final benefit of learning English through an Online English course is that you have a larger selection of courses and are able to select the curriculum that fits your learning style. When choosing to learn English online, the student is no longer limited to geographical preferences or being accepted into a major college or university. Furthermore, when choosing among Online English curriculum, you can decide what aspects you may find most valuable/interesting. Some of the attention-grabbing and valuable topics may include: places to visit, American Presidents, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), expressions and slang, English for children, American cuisine, and movies.

Being able to communicate in English has been proven beneficial for many people regardless of what profession or country they chose to live in. Understanding the concepts above will help you realize the value of online English courses as compared to traditional classroom methods of learning English.

Source: Abrahamson, Ph.D.

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