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Sunday, 1 February 2009

An Introduction to English Phonology

By : April McMahon

This textbook is designed for use on ten- or twelve-week introductory courses on English phonology of the sort taught in the first year of many
English Language and Linguistics degrees, in British and American universities.Students on such courses can struggle with phonetics and phonology; it is sometimes difficult to see past the new symbols and terminology, and the apparent assumption that we can immediately become consciously aware of movements of the vocal organs which we have been making almost automatically for the last eighteen or more years. This book attempts to show students why we need to know about phonetics and phonology, if we are interested in language and our knowledge of it, as well as introducing the main units and concepts we require to describe speech sounds accurately.

This e book's Content (145 pages) :

Sound, spelling and symbol, The phoneme : the same but different, Describing English consonants, Defining distribution : consonants allophones, Criteria for Contrast : the phoneme system, Describing vowels, Vowel phonemes, Variations between accents, Syllables, The word and above, and more

For the detail, the e book can be downloaded in here :

An Introduction to English Phonology.pdf

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