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Saturday, 6 June 2009

More than Asking Questions

We would usually think that tips for the job interview would only be intended for interviewees but there are also important reminders for those who are the ones asking questions, we call them interviewers. For applicants, they are the tickets to an employed you.

As an interviewer should you roast interviewees to sweat because of nervousness? Should you be very intimidating to put the applicant to the biggest test of his or her life? Should you ask fiery questions that would fry him or her in his own oil? These and more would be answered.

• Before you conduct the interview, be sure to take note of the questions you are going to ask your applicant. This would help you remember questions you need to raise.

• Take note of the objectives you have, associate them with the questions you will be asking the applicant.

• Have in mind a place that would have an atmosphere for a conversation. See to it that the place has no elements that could interrupt the interview.

• Never intimidate the interviewee. You want to know the person, do not put him on the hot seat where he would become so unnaturally intimidated.

• Let the interviewee speak, you have to be attentive so that you would be able to get important messages.

• Use questions that would hit the motives of the applicant.

• Give the interviewees the chance to ask questions.

With these, you would be able to get what you really want to know from the interviewee. The most important thing is that you would not have regrets by hiring the wrong person.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Job Interviews and How to Win Them

Why do people go to school? We all know that the primary reason is basic education for personal growth and development. This reason is still the top most even these days. In these practical days, going to school is more of a preparation for the future. A future that is envisioned to be something of progress is what parents want for their children. Getting a college degree and land a stable job is what they dream of.

After years in college or university, one will then face the challenging real world. To find a job or to quit the next level is a question for future-seekers. Finding a job especially the one you want is not that easy these days. Competition is so stiff and qualifications are demanding. Both unemployment and underemployment are social problems greatly affecting a country. Every year, the employment world welcomes many hopeful young people to have jobs. In response to this, localities launch job fairs almost annually with the aim of helping job seekers find the job for them. Thousands try, many get hired and others go home- still jobless.

Job fairs are good venues for fresh graduates to find their first job. For those who wish to change their current job, job fairs offer many options to choose from and try out. There are a huge number of applicants from everywhere. How could one win the heart of his or her target company? Some say that a job fair is just a drop-your-resume and try-your-luck thing. No it is not. Be proactive and come to think of it: you could introduce your self to 20-more companies in just a couple of hours.

Did you know that there is a huge chance to win a job? Yes, that is by making it big in a job interview.

The ability to make it bigger than hundreds of those other job seekers is the responsibility of every aspirant. Considering some really a couple of useful tips like as follows would help them out a lot. In a job interview when you try your luck at jobs fair, remember these few of reminders.

Applicants prepare the most detailed resume since employers would base their judgment over those pages of paper. An impressive resume is not actually the first means to make an employer be interested to your application. He or she will only be looking forward to read your resume if you look impressive from the very start, it will make good impressions will come your way. Dress up and act as a professional you must not come in the thickest make-up or the flashiest clothes. Come on time, wear your skin and flaunt what you have. Answer questions sincerely and remember to relax while answering. Pay attention to the interviewer and flaunt your assets.

Job Fairs may lead you to your first or last job. Job interviews are your keys to the doors of opportunities.