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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Free Ebook for Download : Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL

Table of Content

Grammar Point 1 Parts of the sentece

Grammar Point 2 "There is" vs "to have"

Grammar Point 3 Using modals verbs to make request

Grammar Point 4 introduction to prepositions

Grammar Point 5 Preposition of place

Grammar Point 6 Preposition of time

Grammar Point 7 Preposition of place and movement

Grammar Point 8 Various pairs

Grammar Point 9 Adjective

Grammar Point 10 Comparatives

Grammar Point 11 Order of adjectives

Grammar Point 12 Participle adjectives

Grammar Point 13 Words parts

Grammar Point 14 Adjective clauses

Grammar Point 15 Adjective clause reductions

Grammar Point 16 Equatives

Grammar Point 17 The superlatives

Grammar Point 18 Showing cause and effect with adjectives

Grammar Point 19 Verb tenses

Grammar Point 20 Regular verbs and link verbs

Grammar Point 21 Verbals gerunds and infinitives

Grammar Point 22 Causative verbs

Grammar Point 23 The passive Voice

Grammar Point 24 More participles as subjects and objects

Grammar Point 25 Adjective plus infinitives

Grammar Point 26 Modal auxiliary verbs

Grammar Point 27 Modal for advice

Grammar Point 28 Modals for necessity

Grammar Point 29 Prohibition vs choive

Grammar Point 30 Modal review

and more. Total grammar points are 61. for details this ebook can be downloaded here : Buiding_Grammar_Skills_for_TOEFL_IBT.pdf.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Benefits of Learning English through Online English Courses

The English language has become a global phenomenon. Since it is the predominant language of the world, it is becoming increasingly imperative to understand, speak, and communicate in English fluently. The impact that the English language has had around the world has reached beyond communication and now shapes the values, beliefs, and ideas of many social, economic, or political philosophies and programs.

It is estimated that approximately 100,000 students come to the United States every year to learn English. Although the reasons vary that people desire to learn the English language, it is clear that English provides a wealth of economic activities that may not otherwise be possible. Many younger people understand that English is required if they want to succeed in the workforce. This one factor can help them if they will be dealing with International clients or desire to get a better job in their native country. Other people simply enjoy the concept of learning a new language and experiencing a different culture. Taking an English course is one of the first steps to mastering the English language. The following paragraphs will outline the benefits of learning English and the culture through online classes.

Although many colleges and universities offer ESL (English as a Second Language), it often requires the individual to obtain a student visa, apply and attend the university as a full-time student, not receive credit for the ESL coursework, live in a country where the culture and language are not familiar to them, and incur substantial fees related to the courses and living expenses.

Unlike other ways that are available, learning English online allows students the opportunity to comprehend and learn to speak the language at their own pace. If there is a particular section that is difficult, the student will be able to review the information without feeling the pressure of an upcoming exam. On the other hand, if something comes very naturally to them they can progress to the next stages of learning the English language.

Online English courses allow the same benefits as quality, well-taught traditional classroom methods. However, the costs of online English classes are kept to a minimum as the student can remain in his/her own country until they feel comfortable conversing in English. This reduces costs associated with relocating to another country and additional living expenses. Additionally, online English courses enable the student to continue with their daily lives (i.e. work, school, family, and social activities).

The final benefit of learning English through an Online English course is that you have a larger selection of courses and are able to select the curriculum that fits your learning style. When choosing to learn English online, the student is no longer limited to geographical preferences or being accepted into a major college or university. Furthermore, when choosing among Online English curriculum, you can decide what aspects you may find most valuable/interesting. Some of the attention-grabbing and valuable topics may include: places to visit, American Presidents, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), expressions and slang, English for children, American cuisine, and movies.

Being able to communicate in English has been proven beneficial for many people regardless of what profession or country they chose to live in. Understanding the concepts above will help you realize the value of online English courses as compared to traditional classroom methods of learning English.

Source: Abrahamson, Ph.D.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Do you want to learn a new language?

Learning a new language can be an enriching process that extends to your business life as well as your personal life. Whether you are trying to learn English as a second language or you are an English speaker looking to expand your communication skills with Spanish or French, you have many options available to help you achieve the results you want. What everyone wants to know is HOW to learn a new language.

Total immersion is the leading technique in language education. Total immersion is a method of surrounding people with a particular language so that an involuntary absorption of the language takes place. Teachers at all levels of education will recommend immersive visits to other cultures, but there are many options for you to learn a new language without traveling. Consider using online language learning tools to help you out. Online language learning tools range from simple translation dictionaries to interactive chats, verbal and textual. Many online translators are free, so consider finding a few to compliment your hard copy of a translation dictionary.

Browse blogs to find people who want to learn your language but only speak the language that you want to learn; mutually beneficial relationships like this will motivate you to keep learning as well as facilitate your education. A growing phenomenon in the language learning industry is quality educational software. Popular software products typically contain detailed flash cards that help you correlate images with new terms. Between the vocabulary builders and professional explanations of foreign grammar, software products are nearly indispensable if you are trying to learn a language without a teacher or tutor. A good software package will include audio for you to listen to while you do other activities listen to foreign conversation while driving, cleaning, or during your downtime to really boost your productivity. Talk to multi-lingual people to get an understanding and respect for their talent. It will motivate you to keep learning and very likely score you some advice.

Helpful language materials can come naturally: Foreign books are easy to obtain, especially if you make some foreign friends, and foreign TV can promote your total immersion as well as your enjoyment of a new language. Something as simple as popular foreign music can boost your comprehension. Someday you'll be watching movies that were never accessible to you before!

Author Profile: Stebee

When all is said and done the most effective way to learn a new language is to buy a tried and tested language learning software package

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tips To Learn English

Do you have any plan to pursue your further education abroad? Will you need English for your career or your education? If so, you may wish to investigate your options for learning, or improving, your English skills.

The TOEFL Test: TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is a test used by many colleges, universities, government agencies and exchange and scholarship programs in the US, UK and Canada as a means of evaluating the language skills of a person whose first language is not English.

You can find TOEFL study guides easily online with other recommended resources listed. You may be able to access some of the sample tests and prepare with personal study. Or you may look for a class with an instructor to help you prepare for the test.

ESL Classes: ESL classes are a common means for students to learn English with group of classmates. These can be in the form of an evening class with various individuals attending or may be part of a college program during the day.

The course length and the topics covered will differ from country to country and school to school. Some summer programs are geared for international students to gain a basic grasp of the language before starting studies in English taught classes of the college or university.

Since the standards of passing a course, or the course material itself, will vary drastically, some students may feel that the language skills gained upon completing the course does not equip them to handle school work or social interactions adequately.

Some schools offer students and alternative of home-stay programs for students. Home-stay programs benefit the student by placing them for several weeks or months with a host family that speaks English. The student is then able to immerse him or herself in the culture and social speaking of the English country they are living in. There are also online ESL programs that may be suitable for distance education, especially if programs are not readily available in your area.

Private Tutors: Another popular method of learning English is with private tutors. The materials and methods used by ESL tutors will vary greatly and it is important to establish what material will be used and to feel comfortable with the tutor. Asking friends or other students for references can be helpful in finding a good tutor.

A combination of these English learning methods will be effective as well. You can take a summer course while staying with a home-stay host family and then arranging for private tutoring during the school year. Making an effort to use your new language skills regularly in social situations will improve your progress regardless of the program or course you are using.

George Williams maintains many translator websites, including Free Translator, French Translator ,and Japanese Translator.

How to Learn English Like a Native English Speaker

When young English children start school, they start off in beginning English classes. At this point they can speak the language and do make mistakes in pronouncing many words. They cannot, however, write the language. This is what you need to consider when you want to know how to learn English. Adult learners often have a hard time starting off with simple lessons and feel that they are missing out on something. You have to start at the beginning because in this regard you are like a child just learning the language.

Most adults are very fearful when they start learning English. They are afraid that they will make mistakes when they speak and write. Making mistakes is a part of learning so when you do make mistakes and someone corrects you, they are doing you a favour and helping you learn. It takes a lot of practice to learn English well and part of that learning process is making mistakes.

Whether or not you are attending school to help you learn English there are many other resources you can use on your own to aid your learning. This includes taking a free online English course where you have access to numerous resources. Lessons are available for all stages of learning and provide you with instruction, practice exercises and quizzes.

Listening is an essential aspect of learning any new language. You have to be able to hear native speakers so that you learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Even if you get listening exercises in class, listening to passages and conversations being read in the online courses gives you more exposure to the language. This is especially true if you are taking English lessons in your home country. By using the resources available online you increase your exposure to the language outside of class.

Online English lessons are free for anyone to use all over the world. Therefore, you can stay at home and learn English in this manner without the expense of travelling to an English speaking country. The best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language and you can do this through an online course. Read books and listen to conversations. Record yourself reading the same text and compare how well you are doing. It won’t be long before you are able to read along just as well as the native speaker in the course.

Set a schedule for your study routine and stick to it. Each of your study sessions should include the four aspects of the language ?listening, speaking, reading and writing. This helps to vary the routine so that you are not always doing the same thing. If, for example, you set aside one hour a day for learning English you can devote 15 minutes to each of these aspects of the language. Don’t overlook games when learning English because these can really help you increase your vocabulary. Listening to English songs is another way of learning the language, especially if you start off with music for children where all the words are pronounced clearly.

Although you will have access to English books on the site you choose, you can also order books in English from many online sites. Start with children books to help you increase your knowledge of the language because these books have pictures as well as words and this will enhance your comprehension of the text.

You can find the answer to the question how to learn English at visit This site is a great place to learn English for freelearn the English language.
and offers lots of ways to

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Monday, 1 December 2008

Best Way to Learn English Online

With the many Internet sites offering free instruction in English, there is a world of opportunity to help you learn English on line. You can browse the sites to find the one that is best for you or use several sites in combination with each other to take full advantage of all the possibilities. You do have to start off by learning the English alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter. This is how English speaking children start their learning. Once you know the alphabet, then you can start combining letters and sounds to make words and sentences.

Many of the on line sites for learning English assume that you already have this knowledge. You do need to look for one that offers this basic instruction before you move into lessons about grammar. It is essential in your search for an online English learning site that you choose a site that has listening, speaking, reading and writing instruction. These four aspects of the language work together and help you become fluent in the language.

There are on line sites designed for children as well as adults. Even the adult sites contain games to enhance the learning and the importance of playing games should not be overlooked. They make learning fun and while playing the games you do gain very important information about English vocabulary and word usage. Songs, too, are important. Music is a universal language and once you find a catchy tune and learn the words, you will find yourself singing this song while you are engaged in some other activity in your daily life.

Listen to English speakers as much as possible. This means watching television in English that has subtitles, so that you can understand what the characters are saying. Listening exercise offered on the on line site are very beneficial in that they give you an opportunity to listen to native English speakers. In this way you get the proper pronunciation of the words and you can practice any words with which you are having difficulty.

When you take online lessons, you can set your own schedule. You can review the lessons as often as you need to and take and retake the quizzes until you feel comfortable that you know the concept inside out. With learning any language, the important thing is that you learn to think in that language. At first you will find yourself translating the English into your own language, but as you proceed in your lessons this will start to decrease and you will find yourself thinking in English more and more.

In order to study at a college or university in an English speaking country, you will have to write an essay and pass the TOEIC or TOEFL exam. When you take an online course, you will get help with both of these and be able to succeed in your endeavours. For help with the exams, for example, there are practice tests and you get your score right away so that you can go back and review the questions you got wrong.

If you want to learn English online you should visit the best site for English learning and online English courses.