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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a new or foreign language can be difficult. Most people may feel as though they simply do not have the time or the necessity to learn a language different from the one they grew up with. Many Americans, especially, are under the impression that the rest of the world should learn English. Thus, Americans can stick with what they already know, English. However, I believe that in today's world, it is necessary to begin learning another language (or a few more).

A Few reasons to learn a new language

1. Often, people from other countries speak more than one language. Therefore, they have access to more opportunities, both in the availability of business partnerships abroad or within pleasurable travel experiences as they are able to communicate with more people.

2. In regards to the recent crash of the economies of America and other nations (especially in Europe), it seems as though the failures in the American economy have lead to failures in economies worldwide. Thus the world is dependent upon the global market. As a consequence, in order for an individual to become active in the global community, they must be able to communicate globally- and learning a foreign language is an essential component.

3. With the rise of the melting pot caused in part by immigration and a more general openness to accept others, comes many various cultures, many of which bring along with them their native language.

4. Getting to know another culture and travel to the respective country is one of the more obvious reasons for learning a foreign language. Imagine yourself learning about the Great Wall of China from a native, sipping un café à Paris whilst you converse with the locals at a café near the Eiffel Tower, or or even just understanding directions to a famed restaurant or hotel that you have heard about on a travel show. One of the first steps to getting to know a culture is being able to converse with its members.

Many people may try to find a shortcut to learning a new language. In order to truly acquire a foreign language, you must be willing to commit to it for the long term. Many people claim that they previously knew another language, but they have forgotten it because of a lack of practice.

In the future I plan on discussing different methods to learning a foreign language, and the retention of the language. If you have come to this site, I am going to assume that you are open to the possibilities that the world has to offer, the opportunities that learning a foreign language provides.

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