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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Free Ebook for Download : Getting Ready for the TOEIC Test

EBook Contains:

I. Overview of the TOEIC

TOEIC is an acronym that stands for the Test of English for International Communication.. It was developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton, New Jersey, a non profit organization that administers other examinations such us TOEFL and GRE. The TOEIC test is an English language proficiency test for people whose first language is not English. It is specifically designed for the Assessment of English as it is used in the global workplace, with over 1.5 million tests administered each year.

II. Tips for taking multiple-choice test

Effective test-taking strategies are especially important with multiple-choice questions found on language test such us the TOEFL and TOEIC. These types of questions often include clues that may help you identify the correct answer. You may be able to improve your performance on such test bay considering the following tips.

III. Improving your listening comprehension

The ability to listen well gives you confidence in communication. You can only talk sensibly when you can understand what is said to you. Failing that, you may miss important information presented to you, or respond in unintended way. Listening in everyday life is real-time skill. Unlike reading, you often don’t have the chance to adjust the pace of speech, listen again, or check an unknown word. The need to understand what you hear on the spot makes it even more crucial that you develop the ability to listen well. The TOEIC test is an excellent measure of just how far advanced your listening ability.

IV. Tips for part I-photographs

This part of the TOEIC test contains twenty questions with four answer choice for each one. In the part I of the TOEIC test writers will use the following tricks to try to confuse you and make the selection of the correct answer more difficult.

V. The importance of learning phrasal verbs

The term “phrasal verb” refers to a verb + preposition structure and is sometimes called a two-word verb or three-word verb. A phrasal verb has a special meaning that is different from the meaning of the individual words that it is composed of.

VI. How to study vocabulary for the TOEIC Test

The following are some useful techniques examinees can use for expanding their TOEIC-related vocabulary base. Vocabulary learning tips :

1. Red, read, read

2. Improve your context skills

3. Practice, practice, practice

4. More ……

VII. How to read faster

Read more efficiently by reading intelligently!

Strategy 1: Know what you want to know

Strategy 2: Use speed-reading techniques

Strategy 3: Active reading

Strategy 4: How to study different sorts of material

Strategy 5: Using glossaries with technical documents

For more detail you can download in here: Getting Ready for the TOEIC Test.pdf

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