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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ebook for Free Download : Learning Spoken English in Half the Time

By Lynn Lundquist

LEARNING SPOKEN ENGLISH tells you how to learn to speak English in half the time it would require in even the best grammar-based English training programs. If you live in a country where good English is not regularly spoken, for each hour of study you can learn how to speak in even less than half the time it will take others in your country.

This entirely new language study method for learning spoken English works extremely well. It was first introduced on the website Within two years, it had become the world’s most widely distributed spoken English language course. Today, hundreds of thousands of students around the world are learning fluent spoken English using the Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons from the website.

This book completely explains this new language study method which is called the Feedback Training Method (also known as the Proprioceptive Language Learning Method). You can now learn English—or any other language—faster and with greater fluency using this new method.

This book will help you learn English more quickly if you are already studying in another English program. You may also use the freely down loadable Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons from whether you are a beginner or advanced English student.

We wish you the best of success as you learn to speak fluent English.

The ebook content :


Chapter 1 : Teaching your tongue to speak English

Chapter 2 : Four rules for learning spoken English

Chapter 3 : Grammar and writing in spoken English study

Chapter 4 : Do you need beginning and advanced lesson?

Chapter 5 : Selecting a text

Chapter 6 : Studying the English verb

Chapter 7 : Success in spoken English study

This ebook ca be downloaded in here : Learning English Spoken.pdf